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VLC 3.0 update

Chromecast voor VLC mediaplayer 3.0

VideoLan brengt VLC 3.0-update uit met Chromecast-ondersteuning

Het bedrijf achter populaire videospeler VLC heeft hun eigen applicatie uitgebreid met Chromecast ondersteuning. Ook hebben ze hardwareversnelling voor 4k- en 8k-decoding verbeterd. Andere vernieuwingen zijn ondersteuning voor HDR, weergave van 360-gradenvideo’s en 3d audio, toegang tot netwerklocaties via onder meer smb, ftp en nfs. Ook de ondersteuning voor audio codecs zijn aanzienlijk verbeterd. Voor alle nieuwe opties kan je op deze pagina kijken.

VLC voor iOS 2.6.0

VideoLAN and the VLC development team are excited to announce a major version of VLC for iOS today, which adds support for Apple Watch to remote control and browse the library on iPhone, a mini player and large number of improvements through-out the app.
It will be available on the App Store shortly.

VLC for Android 1.2.1, for WinRT & Windows Phone 1.2.1 and for iOS 2.5.0

VideoLAN and the VLC development team are happy to release updates for all three mobile platforms today.
VLC for Android received support for audio playlists, improved audio quality, improvements to the material design interface, including the black theme and switch to audio mode. Further, it is a major update for Android TV adding support for media discovery via UPnP, with improvements for recommendations and gamepads.
VLC for Windows Phone and WinRT received partial hardware accelerated decoding allowing playback of HD contents of certain formats as well as further iterations on the user interface.
For VLC for iOS, we focused on improved cloud integration adding support for iCloud Drive, OneDrive and Box.com, a 10-band equalizer as well as sharing of the media library on the local network alongside an improved playback experience.
All updates will be available on the respective stores later today. We hope that you like them as much as we do.